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Watu Career Development Institute is a USIU Africa Incubated Initiative

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Skilled Based Courses


This course is a good precursor to other introductory courses and will help you build important career skills.


The starting phase for you to make a professional choice clear and decide which one of our career courses you would like to pursue.


Acquire more advanced skills and improve your performance in your career.

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Tips for Effective Studying at Home

Studying from home is usually accompanied by some challenges, but here are some tips to help you to effectively utilize your time and have a positive outcome after studying at home.

Tips on Proper Exams Preparation

Exams are formal tests or assessments that are supposed to test the knowledge, skills, or classifications of the test -taker. Nomaly tests have a certain set standard that the test taker must meet in order to pass. Sometimes the test taker may not prepare well prior to the test and risk failing the test. With [...]

10 Keyboard Shortcuts you Need to Know

Ever since the invention of the computer in 1946 it has transformed and made work more across all sectors in the globe. It is now one of the most commonly used machines in most, if not all institutions and offices. The computer is a combination of devices that are connected together to perform tasks, the [...]

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I really enjoyed learning computer applications here and I would recommend this institution to other students. It was great!
In term of teaching, the course is well run and prepared me for my future career. I highly recommend Watu Career Development Institute.
Watu Career Development Institute is absolutely a nice institution. It was a great pleasure to study here. My computer skills improved and I had an excellent teacher too.
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